Visualize Earth: Interactive Design Portfolio of John Richter

Visualize Earth is a results-driven, science-informed
web and mobile development agency.

Web and Mobile
App Development

Interactive Data
Visualization & Maps

User Experience &
Interface Design

User Research
& Testing

Clients Include

Case Study
Expressing climate policy through interactive data visualization
Case Study
Stock Picker: Visualizing stock prices and fundamentals
Scott and White Mobile App Design
Case Study
Our Climate Brand and Style Guide
Weaving Community During Crisis
Case Study Easily find your representative
Case Study
Doubling conversion rates through lean design
Scott and White Website Redesign
Our Climate Website Redesign
Our Climate Campus Toolkit Design
#PutAPriceOnIt Interactive Map Signup Page
Kavi Activity Feed
Case Study
Structure and Expression: Designing the Visualize Earth logo
Our Climate Logo Design

Vision is a starting point. Add the scientific method.

Great apps require not only creative vision but disciplined scientific experimentation.

1. Design an experiment.

Asking the right questions is half the battle. Depending on the context, the questions could range from tactical to strategic. For products, ask questions about everything—your vision, users, and goals. Develop a hypothesis and design an experiment.

2. Run the experiment.

Prototype and run experiments constantly. For a design mockup, put it in front of users and study how they interact with it. For an app, run A/B tests where appropriate and attach analytics metrics to key points in the UX. Most important for this stage, measure the results to the extent possible and interpret the data.

3. Repeat.

Perfection is impossible, but through deliberate, repeated effort, we can attain excellence.

Who We Are

John Richter, Principal, (Resume)

John Richter brings over a decade of professional user interface design, user experience design, data visualization, and software engineering experience from leading silicon valley companies, nonprofits, and media establishments. His approach leverages both his natural creative strengths and his hard-nosed, results-driven, empirical style honed after many years in the field. He enjoys working on climate change nonprofits in his spare time, having cofounded a carbon pricing nonprofit in a previous life.